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The Key Bookstore is a fully interactive bookstore experience with a main storefront at 1429 Park Street, Hartford, Connecticut. Key Bookstore engages readers through curation, activities, subscriptions, events, events, and community engagement.

The focus is to lead readers on a path to Self Mastery and the cultivation of connection on and offline with respect to the mission, “Divine liberation one page at a time”.

Key Bookstore is a Black Owned bookstore curated on for the pillars of Afrocentricity, Spirituality Environmentalism, and Entrepreneurship.


Connect to the Key Community of readers just like you! Engage on social media and on our online platform.


We engage with you well after you purchase your first book. Follow on a social media platforms .


Key Bookstore's mobility allows us to be a part of the community and engage directly with all of you. Even with COVID we are hosting Virtual Events.


Memberships equal savings! There are benefits to spending with Key Bookstore but also it's connected businesses!

The Keyosk: Book Bar

Book Bars are popping up in local businesses near you. These are remote locations of The Key Bookstore with revolving book selections, location-specific merchandise, and curated selections for the local clientele.

Selection is updated every 2 weeks. Reach out to a #bookbar near you to see what’s in store or have a book dropped off there for pick. Also, let The Key Bookstore know what subject matter you want to see at your favorite #bookbar!

Keyosk: Book Bar map brought to you by Key Bookstore®

3 Locations: 

1) Hartford at Fire N Spice Vegan Restaurant

2) Waterbury at 720 Wholistic Wellness Center

3) New London at Cultured Studios

Affiliate Programs

Want to be a key component in the distribution of knowledge? Become a Key Affiliate. The Affiliate program pays a commission to you for all customers who make purchases directly from your link. Click here to sign up today!


Key Box: Subscription Box


Enjoy options for 1, 3, 6, and 12-month subscription box services. Each box is filled with supplemental items specific to the selected box theme. Items include Local Business Samples, Discount Codes, merchandise, quarterly newsletter & much more!

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Most frequent questions and answers

UPDATE: We now have a storefront at 1429 Park St, Hartford, CT! We also have remote locations called Keyosk: Book Bars. You can also  find Key Bookstore through Upcoming Events, Instagram, Facebook, or simply reaching out! We are based in Connecticut but do events all over the US. 

An interactive online bookstore meaning we aim to integrate reading into the culture. Community, Schools, Events, Work, Family, any aspect you can think of we design a program to adapt. Follow our blog to see the journey!

UPDATE: Currently books ship within 2 weeks. Just TEXT us at 860-341-2865 for order updates. Nationwide book distribution is heavily delayed. With thank you for your patience with your purchase!

Only for our Global Membership holders. Please purchase for $45 Global Membership


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